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Solar Battery Charger

Solar Battery Charger

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  • SBC6A  


    Model Number: SBC6A

  • SBC10A  


    Model Number: SBC10A

  • SBC20A  


    Model Number: SBC20A

  • SBC30A  


    Model Number: SBC30A

  • SBCLC10A  


    Model Number: SBCLC10A

  • SBCLC20A  


    Model Number: SBCLC20A

  • SBCLC30A  


    Model Number: SBCLC30A


7 Item(s)

Solar Battery Charger

Carlo Gavazzi SBC and SBCLC solar battery chargers available from Electrical Trader. The SBC solar battery charger can be used for 12v and 24v systems and features the PWM battery charging which has been optimized for longer battery life. The SBCLC solar battery charger and a load/light control device can be used for 12v, 24v and 48v systems. The battery also features the PWM for longer battery life and the state-of-the-art auto detector of day and night to precisely log the different length of night hours for lighting control.